Ashes 2023 [WATCH]: Travis Head shares a fascinating story about his recently removed moustache

Ashes 2023 [WATCH]: Travis Head shares a fascinating story about his recently removed moustache

Travis Head on his moustache

In an eventful third day of the Ashes 2023, Travis Head‘s impressive half-century revived Australia’s hopes and set England a target of 251 runs to win the third Test match. Despite rain interruptions, England made a bright start in their chase, reaching 27 without loss by the end of the day.

Head played a crucial innings, providing a glimmer of hope for Australia as he scored a well-deserved half-century. With this performance, the South Australian showcased his resilience and determination to contribute to his team’s success.

As England began their chase, openers Ben Duckett (18) and Zac Crawley (9) made a positive start, reducing the target to 224 with two days remaining in the Test match. Pat Cummins, Australia’s captain, conceded 17 runs in just two overs, adding to England’s momentum.

Meanwhile, Head shared an interesting tale about his trimmed mustache, revealing that he had become a victim of a clipper mishap after the Lord’s Test. Contrary to a mistaken report in a UK newspaper suggesting a payment dispute over a haircut involving Alex Carey, Head clarified that his mustache trim was a result of a personal mistake and did not involve any third-party payment issues.

“I’ve had no issues with payment. I copped a little stick. I tried to trim it, and I’ve only got the one setting, so I butchered it and now it’s come off,” said Head white talking to reporters.

“I did say I’d look and reflect on it. I probably started a little bit early in the process, it got a little bit long for me. We’ll see how we go over the next couple of weeks. It will be back but it might not be as long as it one was,” he added.

Here is the video:

Throughout the Ashes series, Head has faced unique challenges, but he has consistently emerged as Australia’s leading batter during their tour of England. With a total of 447 runs in eight innings, including a century against India in the World Test Championship final, Head has proven his mettle and earned recognition as a key player for Australia.

As the match enters a crucial stage, England faces the daunting task of chasing down the target to keep the series alive, while Australia aims to secure a decisive victory and further strengthen their 2-0 series lead.

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