‘Deleted that tweet but glad to know that you are doing fine’ – R Ashwin apologises to Heath Streak

'Deleted that tweet but glad to know that you are doing fine' - R Ashwin apologises to Heath Streak
Heath Streak vs West Indies 2001
Heath Streak vs West Indies 2001. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Indian cricketer R Ashwin has apologised to former Zimbabwean captain Heath Streak for mistakenly posting news of his demise on August 23, Wednesday. The incident caused quite a stir among cricket enthusiasts and fellow players alike.

Streak, known for his remarkable 12-year journey in the cricketing world, left an indelible mark on the Zimbabwe cricket history. Leading Zimbabwe with distinction from 2000 to 2004, he exemplified great leadership and unwavering dedication.

His cricketing prowess was evident in 65 Test matches and 189 ODIs, a testament to his enduring commitment to representing his nation globally. Streak’s resilience often saw him carrying Zimbabwe’s cricketing pride on his shoulders during challenging times.

The confusion arose when Henry Olonga, a former cricketer himself, posted an announcement claiming Streak’s passing. Olonga’s tweet triggered a flurry of condolences from various quarters of the cricketing community, including players like Sean Williams, Scott Styris, Anil Kumble, VVS Laxman, and Virender Sehwag.

R Ashwin also expressed his condolences in a tweet that was later deleted. However, the misinformation was corrected by Olonga himself, revealing that Streak was indeed alive and well.

Ashwin, acknowledging his mistake, expressed regret for his error and explained that his tweet had been based on disbelief and sorrow upon reading Olonga’s message. He further extended his best wishes to Streak and retracted his previous statement.

“I saw Henry Olonga’s tweet and mourned it too. It came from a place of utter disbelief and sadness. Deleted that tweet but glad to know that you are doing fine. @HeathStreak3 Take care and apologies for the inaccurate tweet from my side,” said Ashwin.

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