India should play their strongest lineup against Nepal: Aakash Chopra

India should play their strongest lineup against Nepal: Aakash Chopra
Aakash Chopra
Aakash Chopra (Photo Source: Instagram/Aakash Chopra)

Hosting JioCinema’s daily sports show ‘#AAKASHVANI,’ Aakash Chopra gave his take on what should be India’s game plan going into their match against Nepal.  “First, India should look to win the toss and choose to bowl because they would want Shardul Thakur to bowl at least ten overs and Hardik Pandya to bowl a few overs as well. They should look to complete their bowling as they couldn’t do so in the last game. The chase might be difficult but it’s absolutely fine – there is a chance that even this game can be called off due to the rain.

So, India should take up the challenge and bat second. Also, my advice to the team would be to not tinker with the squad and play the strongest lineup – get as close as possible to the actual playing eleven. Of course, some people would want Shreyas Iyer to get a chance to bat more but even Virat Kohli has to bat at No. 3, both he and Rohit Sharma have not played regular cricket in the last month. Furthermore, Shubman Gill’s form has been shaky lately. I believe that these kinds of matches, don’t test you as much rather they prepare you for the final test.”

Chopra further spoke about inclusivity and the talent of the Nepal cricket contingent. “I really adore the Nepal cricket team and I believe BCCI should simply adopt them. We should extend a helping hand, and be very inclusive with bilateral series and other tournaments. They have very talented players and I believe they have the potential to be a very strong cricketing nation.”

In a conversation with Chopra, Former team Nepal captain Paras Khadka also spoke about the key players and how the team can evolve and grow in the future. “Gyanendra Malla has played a pivotal role in shaping this team, he was part of the whole setup during the qualifiers. He played his part and now Rohit Paudel has taken up that role as a young captain, I think his record so far has been amazing and he has been supported well by his teammates. And we have a fantastic coach in Monty Desai. Overall, I believe the setup of the current team is looking very good, we just need to evolve this into a better unit and strive for consistency. This can really help the team go to the next level.”


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