T10 format is short and sweet, it’s fast for me and the future of cricket: Lance Klusener

T10 format is short and sweet, it's fast for me and the future of cricket: Lance Klusener
Lance Klusener
Lance Klusener. (Photo Source: Matthew Lewis-ICC/ICC via Getty Images)

Harare, 14 July 2023: The inaugural edition of the Zim Afro T10 is just around the corner with the tournament kicking off on the 20th of July 2023, and will run till the 29th, with all the matches being played at the Harare Sports Club in Harare Zimbabwe. The tournament is organized together by Zimbabwe Cricket and T Ten Global Sports. 

Five teams will compete against each other in the first-ever T10 Zim Afro, one of them being the Cape Town SAMP Army, who have appointed South African cricketing legend Lance Klusener as Head Coach for the tournament.   

Klusener who has been associated with the T10 format for a number of years spoke about how the shortest format of the game has helped elevate the sport further, “It’s the same as how T20 has helped the game globally. I guess it’s forced people to innovate and get going right from the start and T10s are even faster than T20. I’m not sure it’s going to change the game instantly but I do think it can eventually. What T10 brings is a whole game in an hour and a half. I just think it’s been extremely successful in Abu Dhabi and what it does is that it gives opportunities to players who possibly haven’t been selected in big competitions to showcase their talent in a T10 match.”  

Klusener went on to talk about the challenges he has had to navigate as a coach of a T10 side, “Yeah, it’s quite a difficult format to coach if you haven’t played it before. I think my job is just to make sure that the players know what’s required, what’s needed certainly from a planning point of view. Aspects such as what’s a decent total on a good surface.” 

He further added, “I think in T10 cricket players need to back their ability and their skills and trust themselves right from the get go. There’s no time to set yourself a platform to get in or anything like that, yes, ones and twos are important in between, but you need a group of players who are prepared to put themselves out there and take the risks. It is my job as a coach to make sure they’ve got the confidence and the trust in people batting behind them or bowling behind them that they will have a good day. In T10, you just need one guy to have an outstanding day to change the game for you. So, it’s exciting. It’s short and sweet. It’s fast and for me, it’s the future of cricket.” 

The 51-year-old coach and legendary all-rounder concluded by speaking about what makes the T10 format so unique and how it will help the sport in Zimbabwe. He said, “I am really looking forward to it. I’ve been a part of the Abu Dhabi T10 for many years now and it really is a fantastic format, a fantastic competition, so I think bringing T10 cricket into Zimbabwe and into Africa is a great idea and certainly looking forward to the competition.” 

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