‘That’s definitely a smooch, behave yourself Alex Carey’ – Former England skipper’s reaction to Australian wicketkeeper’s acrobatic effort breaks internet

'That's definitely a smooch, behave yourself Alex Carey' - Former England skipper's reaction to Australian wicketkeeper's acrobatic effort breaks internet
Alex Carey
Alex Carey (Photo Source: twitter)

Day 1 of the ongoing 3rd Test of the Ashes ended with Australia in a slight advantage as they reduced England to 68 for the loss of three wickets after scoring 263 on a wicket with a green tinge to it and assisted the seamers.

After getting bowled out for just 263, the Aussies needed quick wickets upfront and their skipper Pat Cummins took the onus on himself to provide the side with early breakthroughs. On the second delivery of the fourth over, the Aussie skipper bowled a back of a length delivery to Ben Duckett. Duckett tried to put it away on the off side but the ball got a bit big on him and flew off his outside edge towards the gap between the wicketkeeper Alex Carey and David Warner who was standing at first slip.

Carey leapt in the air and pulled off a screamer. The act of completing the catch caught the attention of Eoin Morgan who was in the commentary box calling the game. In an attempt to hold on to the ball, Carey used his face in addition to his gloves and the former England skipper Morgan saw the funny side of it.

“Oh, that’s definitely a smooch. behave yourself Alex Carey,” Morgan was heard saying on-air and it surely chuckled his fellow commentators and millions watching the moment live.

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